The Complete Brain Exercise Book

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When we think of exercise we all know how important it is to keep our body fit. I find one thing that many people do not think about is it is just important to keep you brain fit so that you can hold off the signs of aging. 

The Complete Brain Exercise Book includes 150 exercises to help with memory and other brain functions like language and motor skills. The exercises are easy to follow and are not difficult to do. 

The Complete Brain Exercise Book
Train Your Brain!
 Improve Memory, Language, Motor Skills & More
+ A Health & Diet Plan with 100 Recipes
by Dr Fraser Smith,  Paperback, 

In addition to helping recover brain function, the exercises will also help prevent the loss of brain function due to aging and neurological disease. 
Entertaining and engaging, The Complete Brain Exercise Book features over 150 brain exercises and puzzles. And because the relationship between brain health and deit is integral, nutrition is front and center, with extensive brain food lists, menu plans and more than 100 recipes. 

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