Becoming Santa's Little Helper #SantasLittleHelper

Monday, December 21, 2015 AnnMarie Brown 0 Comments

This year we got the opportunity to participate in the Become Santa's Little Helper campaign from Twentieth Century Fox. Some of the suggestions we were given were to participate in a local gift drive, or at your local shelter. Maybe my little one could help clean around the house, or shovel the snow before you get to it. 

We disgusted it as a family and jumped at the chance to get our child and ourselves involved with the community by contributing to our local soup kitchen with some warm sweaters to help keep everyone warm doing this winter season. 

As Santa's Little Helper the 5 Sugarplum virtues you should possess are:
     - A Cool Head Under Pressure
     - Humility
     - Cooperative Nature
     - Inspirational Spirit
     - A Kind Soul

As Santa's Helper Shaylin received a Santa's Little Helper Shirt, Santa Hat, Dry Erase Board to keep track of her tasks, an ornament and a Certificate of Completion. 

Check out the movie review of Santa's Little Helper here: Movie Review

Our giviing isn't stopping there we are going to try to plan a sock drive for January for our local homeless shelter. Do you and your family give back to you community  and if you do what do you do to give back?

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