Clutter Free Christmas Gift Ideas

Friday, December 18, 2015 AnnMarie Brown 0 Comments

Living in a clutter free house takes some work and it also got me thinking about the gifts I buy for Christmas and the ones that come into our house. I choose to keep only the possessions I love in my house because that is what brings me joy. I have found over the years of gift giving that once my children open their gifts they only play with them for a short time and then they are gone to the wayside. 

I have decided to make a list of some of my favourite gifts to give to the ones I love so it might inspire you of gifts you can bless others with. 

Gift Cards

I know a lot of people do not think gift cards are a personal enough gift to give, but I love getting gift cards. I am a very practical person and I prefer to get gift cards and give my family an experience we don't normally get or something we truly need. Now comes the question of what gift cards are the best to receive. I can only speak from my point of view and others I have spoken with when it comes to receiving gifts cards. 

Movie Theater - A trip to the movies can be a very expensive venture for most so having a treat of going to the movies is perfect for a family night or date night just for the parents. Why not offer to watch the children for the couple so they can enjoy the night alone at the movies. 

Restaurant - A great treat for a family to enjoy a dinner out without having to worry about paying the bill. If they are a coffee drinker think about a gift card for their favourite coffee shop. 

Store - I know for my adult children they love gift cards to their favourite stores so they can buy something that they have had their eye on.

Visa or Mastercard Gift Card - if you are really at a loss as far as the persons interests you can always go with a visa or mastercard giftcard so they can use how they wish to. 

Memberships - A membership to a local children's museum or even big box store is always a good gift. Even a netflix membership to those who have the internet can give them movie nights for a whole year or just a few months. 

Cash Money

Over the years, I have heard many people hate to give money as a gift but think of it this way - they can use it on anything that their heart desires. 

I know my young adult children love getting cash to buy stuff they have had their eye on. Even my 11-year-old prefers to get cash so she can go shopping with the money she receives. 

For those on a budget gifts of service might be a better option. I know besides homemade gifts - gifts of someone's time is something I value even more than gift cards and money. 

Here are some ideas that are even more budget friendly:
     - Home baked goods
     - Homemade Bath products
     - Child Care
     - Cooking of a Meal
     - Plan a coffee date or a game night with them

Giving a gift doesn't have to always be about money giving of your time and making time to spend with the person you love is also a great option because you are giving of yourself. 

Happy Giving! 

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