Del Monte wants you to try the Top 10 Holiday Comfort Foods

Saturday, December 19, 2015 AnnMarie Brown 0 Comments

It's the most wonderful (and most delicious) time of the year!

Preparing holiday meals is an extremely important tradition in my family -- it has been since I was a little girl. During the holiday season, we'd always make tons of veggie casseroles and cornbread for our extended family. I used to love the smell of everything browning and bubbling in the oven. I still do.

I recently partnered with Del Monte (the makers of premium canned vegetables and so much more) to share with you some fun stats on what Americans love to eat during the holidays . They just published their Del Monte Comfort Food Index, which ranked the Top 10 Holiday Comfort Foods.

1. Potatoes (mashed or scalloped): 84% (percent who feel "comfort" by eating the food)
2. Pie: 82%
3. Baked goods (cookies & muffins): 81%
4. Macaroni & cheese: 75%
5. Cake: 71%
6. Casserole: 69%
7. Stews and hearty soups: 68%
8. Meatballs (with or without pasta: 65%
9. Sweet potatoes (mashed or cut): 61%
10. Cornbread: 60%

Did your favourite comfort food make the list? What is your favourite comfort food?

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