Menu Planning Monday - December 7, 2015

Monday, December 07, 2015 AnnMarie Brown 0 Comments

This week as with most weeks in my house is making the most affordable meals that I can possibly make on a limited budget. Basically,  if it isn't on sale I don't buy it. I also try to make one meal a week with no meat which will be Saturday this week with homemade Mac N' Cheese. The turkey pot pie is being made with leftovers from a turkey I cooked a few weeks ago. The cabbage rolls were made weeks ago and frozen to have at a later date. 

When I am menu planning I always take into consideration our activities for the day and this week we are busy with a few things on Tuesday and Wednesday so I like to use meals that are pretty much done and ready to go for those days. As always my meal planning is made easier with Shopease Foods and having a well-stocked freezer full of delicious meats and plan with make it a lot easier.  

If you are looking for some meal ideas skip over to Orgjunkie for her weekly meme and see everyone who has linked up for the week and get inspired. 

~ Monday ~
Shepherd's Pie

~ Tuesday ~
Cabbage Rolls

~ Wednesday ~
Turkey Pot Pie

~Thursday ~
Chili in bread bowls

~ Friday ~

Italian Roasted Pork Tenderlion
Roasted Potatoes

~ Saturday ~
Homemade Mac N' Cheese
Garlic Bread

~ Sunday ~

~ Baking this week ~

What is on your menu this week?

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