7 Ways to Keep Warm Without Turning up the Heat

Tuesday, January 05, 2016 AnnMarie Brown 0 Comments

I see a lot of people trying to save as much money as possible with eveyrthing rising in cost. I have done a few things over the years to cut costs and save on our heating bill and thought I would share some of the tips with you so you could put them to use. 

Winterize your windows - I live in an old house and find some of our windows very drafty, two of them in particular right now it is not in our budget to replace them so we winterize them with plastic over top of them to keep the cold out and the heat in our house. 

Clean your furnace filters - Keep clean filters in your furnace helps maintain the efficiency of the furnace. 

Use your fan - Switch the direction of your ceiling fan and put it on a low speed so it can push the hot air from the ceiling back down. 

Grab a blanket - We have a few comfy blankets we keep in our living area to use to snuggle under to keep warm on cooler night. 

Hot drinks - Are perfect for warming you from the inside out. Grab a coffee or cup of tea. 

Layer up - Keep a sweater handle and dress in layers so they can be added and removed as the temperature changes in the house. 

Let the sunshine in - As soon as the sun comes up for the day I open all the curtains so the sun can warm up our house and when it sets I close them to keep the warmth in the house. 

What are some things you do in the winter months to reduce heating costs?