Menu Planning Monday - January 4, 2016

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Mindful spending is my goal this year and it is going to be part of every aspect of my life. When it comes to menu planning and budgeting for groceries I have a weekly limit. We have always been on a budget with our meals and after a while, you develop a bit of a stockpile so that not everything you purchase that week will be used for meals that week some of it becomes part of your stockpile. 

Creating a stockpile has always been part of me being able to stay on budget. Eating out is not an option for us I cook all our meals every night from scratch. Thankfully my husband likes to cook as well so we like to both be in the kitchen cooking and it actually makes cooking a lot of fun. 
Menu Planning Monday with
If you watch my YouTube channel you will notice that I get my meat from Shopease Foods every three months giving us a freezer full of meat to use to make our menu plan, generally speaking I only need to pick up a few things every week to compliment my menu and the rest of the money I use to build my stockpile. 

If you want to menu plan but need some inspiration to get started head over to orgjunkie and see what every else is planning this week. If I have featured the recipes on my blog you can just click on the word "recipe" to get the recipe I will be using this week.

~ Monday ~
Scalloped Potatoes

~ Tuesday ~
Bean Burritos
Spanish Rice

~ Wednesday ~
Pasta Bake
Garlic Bread
Carrot & Celery Sticks

~Thursday ~
Turkey Stew

~ Friday ~
Chili in a Bread Bowl - recipe

~ Saturday ~
Chicken Parmesan

~ Sunday ~
Sloppy Joes - recipe

~ Baking this week ~
Apple Muffins
Banana Bread
Oatmeal Cookies

What is on your menu this week?

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