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Two months into my mindful spending journey this year and it is going strong and we are doing well. I think once you have the mindset it is easier to do and that fact that my husband is on board with this helps a lot. 

Sold Items 

Sold items that have been collecting dust at my house. An Apple TV had been sitting around our house and we were not using it so it was time to get rid of it. That wasn't the only item we sold this month and in total it brought in over $120.

Used Coupons

Started using coupons again but only for items we use and not stock up a whole lot. Space is a premium at our house and I don't like clutter at all so just getting what we need but still getting it for a cheaper price is what I aim for. 

Bulk Cooking

Bulk cooking has always been a big help for staying on track for me and this month I made both cabbage rolls and lazy cabbage rolls to add to my freezer meals. 

Bought on Clearance

Jeans on discount at Old Navy. I only had one pair of jeans and I know I needed another one since we only do laundry once a week. Old Navy had their online return rack on 90% off when we stopped in so I was able to pick up a pair of brand new jeans for $5.99 and a pair of jean shorts for $4.94. What a savings!

Shopped the Sales

Cauliflower was on sale and I picked up four heads of Cauliflower and blanched them to freeze for other meals. It worked out to cheaper than buying frozen vegetables. 

Stayed on Budget

I did a grocery challenge for the month of February where we were challenged to stay on budget with the amount we set for the month for groceries. I stayed under the budget!!

Joined Produce Box

In the city we live we have a produce box that you can sign up for an recieve every month. We pay $15 and we get a box of produce, cheese and yogurt to help us out for the month. For February I figured out that we got $30 worth of produce. 

Please share with me now you saved money in February. 

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