Where Does the Dirt Hide at Your House? #YesToTheMess #PGMom

Tuesday, April 26, 2016 AnnMarie Brown 0 Comments

The following is open to Canada only.

The sun peeks through the windows on a bright sunny spring day and just shows all the dust in the house. I really wasn't thinking when I picked out most of my furniture to be a dark colour. It shows all the dust. During the winter, we don't get a lot of sun so the dust gets over looked from time to time. Definitely, a case of what you don't see won't hurt your or in my case bug you. 

We have a bookcase full of books and they are not fun at all to dust. The dust just settles between the pages and we end up having to pull them all off the shelves to make sure we have gotten all the dust. The Swiffer Dusters make cleaning these dreaded shelves fun. My 12-year-old even likes to clean them as long as she can use the Swiffer Dusters and that in my books is a good thing!

Using Swiffer products makes spring cleaning at my house a breeze and makes it easy for me to say "Yes to the Mess!" whether it is spring cleaning or trying to keep up with my children and furbaby from carting more dirt into my house on a daily basis. 

The belief that messes are a part of a child’s development is increasing with the generations. Seventy-five per cent of millennials think that letting kids make messes encourages their creativity- this is in comparison to the 62 per cent of Boomer parents. 

A mess can be a great learning opportunity, in so many ways. Nearly all parents (97 per cent) agree that young children learn a lot from cleaning up a mess.

There are several celebrities who vouch for the creative process. Actress Sarah Michelle Gellar recently hosted a Swiffer event in New York City where she encouraged parents to say “Yes to the Mess” in an effort to foster children’s creativity and independence. 

This month It's Just My Life wants you to have an opportunity to say #YesToTheMess by offering a Swiffer kit to handle the clean up with ease. 

The kit (valued at $83*) includes:
- Swiffer 360 Duster Starter Kit $5.95*
- Swiffer WetJet Starter Kit $29.97*
- Swiffer WetJet refill $14.88*
- Swiffer Sweeper $14.97*
- Swiffer Dry Refill $9.97*
- Magic Eraser $7.24*

In the meantime you can find Swiffer coupons on PGEveryday.ca

~ WIN ~

One of my readers is going to be able to say #YesToTheMess by winning a Swiffer Bundle is valued at $83*. 

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