5 Ways I Saved in July

Tuesday, August 02, 2016 AnnMarie Brown 0 Comments

I am really enjoying this mindful spending journey. We have been able to save money along the way and add it to our outstanding debts which is our top priority. 

I know a few people that are going on a no spend month for August on YouTube which is great and I am glad it works for them. It just isn't something that works for us. This month I have found some new ways to save money.

Cool Off in the Pool

We do have a pool in our backyard which makes is really nice for cooling off after some time in the heat. We saved money by not having to use the public pool which costs $3/person to swim in.


We were lucky enough to receive some hand me down footware for Shaylin. I believe she received 4 pairs of shoes in total.

Dog Grooming

This is something I don't think about but we save dollars on every other month because we groom our dog ourselves. From cutting her nails to trimming her fur. This saves us about $80 in our area.


I got sick of the heat this month so I decided I needed a shorter hair. So out came the scissors and off I cut my hair. I love the length of it now and I didn't have to book an appointment or pay for a haircut. That alone is atleast a $25 savings.

Turned Off Air Conditioning

This is not an easy one with the temperatures we have been having but I decided to try to go without our air con on as long as we could. We do have a pool to cool off in after all. And we have gone over a week without air con on. 

How did you save this month?

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