Menu Planning Monday - August 15, 2016

Monday, August 15, 2016 AnnMarie Brown 0 Comments

I sat down and decided on what I wanted to make for this week but a few days are up in the air and I can't commit what will be made on each day but I do know what will be made this week. I have opted for more of an adjustable meal plan this week. 
What is an adjustable meal plan? It is planning all your meals for the week without committing to what day they will be made but just checking them off day by day as they are made. 

~ Meal #1 ~ 
Homemade Pizza

~ Meal #2 ~
Chicken Alfredo

~ Meal #3 ~
BBQ Chicken Sandwich
Potato Salad
~Meal #4 ~

Shepherd's Pie

~ Meal #5 ~
Pork Chops

~ Meal #6 ~
Stuffed Pork Loin
Grilled Veggies  

~ Meal #7 ~
Scaloped Potatoes

Would an adjustable menu plan work better for your family? Do you menu plan?