Netflix is Introducing the Beatles to a Next Generation with the #BeatBugs #StreamTeam #Giveaway

Thursday, August 25, 2016 AnnMarie Brown 0 Comments

I have fond memories of my dad cranking up his eight track tape of the Beatles on our stereo when I was young. Music has always brought my family together. Even today we usually always have music on in the background no matter what we are doing around the house or in the car. 

I was excited to see Netflix had added a new show to the line up that features music from The Beatles in a family friendly way that your young children will enjoy. I will admit the songs had me singing along as I watched it.

With the new Netflix original series Beat Bugs, inspired by the music of The Beatles, your next family sing-along can include classics such as Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds or Blackbird! Thanks to five charming and energetic bug-like creatures (Jay, Kumi, Crick, Buzz and Walter), families have the opportunity to come together over kid-friendly storylines and the best darn music ever made – re-recorded by today’s top artists, including P!nk, Sia and Eddie Vedder.
If you are looking for a great show for your kids to watch then take a look at Beat Bugs. I am sure your kids will enjoy it. Remember to check out Netflix for other shows your family can enjoy together. 

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