Life Lessons on the Screen with One Day At A Time #StreamTeam

Tuesday, January 24, 2017 AnnMarie Brown 0 Comments

We used to be all about reality tv shows. I could watch them back to back for hours in the evening. Lately my family has been looking for a good comedy to watch when we found One Day At A Time on Netflix a few weeks ago. Since then we have been enjoying this Netflix original comedy as well as having it open doors to some great life discussions with our tween daughter. 

Our daughter used to be like most kids and when you took her out to stores she would be "Can I have ________________", as parents we have all experienced this. As she has gotten older we have been able to explain to her the meaning of a budget and how we live on a budget as a family. During a particular episode of One Day at a Time, Penelope's son needs new shoes for school. He would like a new pair for every day of the week so he doesn't have to wear the same pair all week. Of course this is not the reality he lives in and most definitely is not the reality we live in at our house either. Penelope lets her son know he can order one pair of shoes for school and then when the shoes come all the pairs shoes come and not just one pair. Penelope showed her son that having one pair of shoes is more than enough. I love shows that can start conversations on needs and wants. It also helps my daughter realize she is not alone in having what she needs and not all she wants. 

One Day at a Time is a remake of the orignal series from 1975. It centers around a Cuban American family whose mother is separated from her husband and she is raising a son and daughter with the help of her mother. They even have a building superintendent named Dwayne Schneider which brought bake memories of the original series for me. I loved that this was just a funny comedy that featured family life in a fun way.

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