Friday, March 31, 2017 AnnMarie Brown 0 Comments

I get asked often how I manage to stay on budget and the ways that I am thrifty. I do love sharing the knowledge that I have gotten over the years on this subject but I also really enjoy hearing how others manage money and ways they have found to be thrifty. 

I thought I would share a post with just a few ways I have found help me stay on track and I would love to hear how all of you stay on track with your money. So that maybe I can incorporate some of your ideas into my life.


1. Plan meals for the full week or two weeks By limiting the how many times you visit a grocery store it saves you money as you don't pick up any extras that you don't really need.

2. Cash only! I find this an amazing way to save not only because you are not using credit or debit cards but cash only really makes you think before you make your purchase. Not to mention banking fees your saving.

3. Buy gifts ahead of time I find buying items at the end of season and clearance prices saves a bundle. Start a gift box for gifts because you know your children will be invited to birthday parties throughout the year.

4. Make gifts this is better than buying on clearance make the gifts yourself. I love to make gift baskets up and customize them to the receiver.

5. Use the Library This is our biggest saver, we are all big readers in our house not only that we borrow DVDs for free from the library and we get them for a week. You can put them on hold right online and they will email you or call you when you want to pick up that specific book or DVD.

6. Crock pot or Instant Pot Cooking I save a ton of money by using my Instant Pot almost daily. If I have forgotten to take something out for dinner I know I can have a full meal in no time using my Instant Pot.

7. Clip coupons local stores are running coupons a lot and you can also find them at your local supermarket right on the shelves. The key is to only keep coupons on products that you use. 

8. Go thrift shopping or to yard sales one of my favourite things to do in the nice weather is to go to yard sales for things on my list that we need. You would be very surprised at the hidden gems you will find along the way sale. We have picked up some great items over the years.

9. Buy in bulk and freeze this works great during meat and frozen veggie sales. I also freeze my tomatoes every year. Saves a ton and helps with not going to the grocery store as often.

10. Start a Garden I am new to the gardening world. I never thought I could grow anything at all. It has only been a month but all my plants are growing. This year I have tried growing Tomatoes, Peppers, Lettuce, Onions, and Chives. If you are limited on space you could try container gardening.  

Let's Chat! Please share with me any thrifty tips that you may have I am always looking for ways to save money.