Budget Menu Planning - April 3, 2017

Monday, April 03, 2017 AnnMarie Brown 0 Comments

With so much of last month spent at the hospital between my daughter being admited and a ton of appointments afterward I barely went grocery shopping so my budget for last month had over $100 left in it. I have decided to add that to my budget for April since I know we will be doing a lot of stocking up. I was thankful when looking through the flyers for this week to find out that chicken was on sale since that is one of our staple foods in this house. 

In case you are new to my blog and my menu planning we only eat chicken and turkey due to dietary restrictions because of medical conditions. I do find that I have to get really creative when making meals for my family so our meals all taste different even if I use a lot of the same meat. 

~Monday ~
BBQ Pulled Chicken
Potato Wedges

~ Tuesday ~
 Salisbury Steak made with Ground Turkey
Mashed Potatoes
California Veg 

~ Wednesday ~
Garlic Bread

~Thursday ~

~ Friday ~ 

~ Saturday ~ 

~ Sunday ~ 
Sloppy Joes

~ Baking this week ~

Angel Food Cake
~ Breakfast Ideas ~
Yogurt & Granola 
Fresh Fruit


What do you try to always have on hand when it comes to your pantry?

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