Spring Cleaning Checklist
for my Living Room #StreamTeam

Tuesday, April 11, 2017 AnnMarie Brown 0 Comments

I am a member of the Netflix Stream Team and receive some perks and benefits. As always, all opinions are my own.

As the spring air fills my house it is a reminder for me to get cleaning and re-evaulate how areas in my house are used to see if they are being used to their fullest potential. Cleaning lists can be daunting and seem like they will take forever to get through but if you just tackle things room by room it will help ease the precess. 

Today I will be sharing my cleaning list for my living room which in my house is a room that is used daily for many different things from listening to music to reading to watching movies together.

Wipe Walls - Use a vacuum or a dust mop to remove dust remember to get into the corners. Don't forget to clean all your pictures frames, mirrors or any decor on your walls as well.

Vacuum and Shampoo Rugs - Rugs can be cleaned with a commercial machine or just spot cleaned depending on your needs. Remember to check the warranty on your carpets before using any type of cleaning solution.

Clean Sofas and Chairs - Take your sofa and chair cushions outside and beat them by hand to remove the dust out of them. If you are dealing with leather furniture you can do a treatment to your leather with a product of your choice to moisturize and clean the leather.

Book Shelves, Tables and Entertainment Units - Take everything off the shelves and wipe down shelves thoroughly getting into the crevices where dust has collected over the winter. Remember to wipe down everything going on to the shelves before putting things back.

Clean Window Treatments - Time to not only clean your windows but also take down your draperies or blinds and give them a good cleaning to remove all the dust. Always be sure to check manufacturers cleaning instructions.

Now that you have got the living room clean it is time to spring clean your electronics as well and this includes your netflix account.

If your house is anything like mine you will turn on netflix and it will always suggest for me to watch shows my teen daughter has watched recently or based on shows she has watched. We do have separate profiles but sometimes she forgets and just watches things on my profile.

Netflix has come up with an easy way to clean up your profile so that you will get recommendations of shows and movies you are likely to watch and not your children. 

It is so simple to use -
     1 - Set up separate profiles for family needs - we have adults, kids and guests as our profiles.
     2 - Use the thumps up ratings feature on the shows you like while on your profile and this will ensure that you will get suggestions based on the shows you have thumbs up'd in the future and the shows you have thumbs down'd will be gone from your profile.

Spring cleaning your netflix account is a good idea because your time is valuable and this will help you spend less time scrolling through netflix for something to watch. 

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What is the first show you thumbs up'd on your account?