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Finding balance is something I am always trying to do. The kids rush home the last day of school so excited for summer to start and so am I because we can have a more relaxed schedule with not so many activities to do or so I thought. Finding some time for myself amongst the play dates and summer activities has been no easy task.

I do find it comforting that I am not alone in trying to find some me time because Canadian Moms have spoken, and 95% of moms say that they had more time for themselves before motherhood, and now, over half (58%) admit to sneaking in TV “me-time” while juggling a busy schedule, with some even hiding from their kids for just a moment of peace. With moms doing it anywhere and everywhere in the neighbourhood when the kids aren’t around, sneaking is the new bingeing

Just in the last few weeks, I have taken to sneaking into my gazebo in my backyard and catching some Netflix while the kids are busy playing outdoors. Yes, I have a TV in my gazebo with my apple tv attached so that I can enjoy being outside and keep an eye on the kids while watching some of my favourite shows on Netflix. Lately, I have been sneaking some Last Chance U even if I only get to watch it 15 minutes it here and there that is the beauty of Netflix it holds my place until the next time I can sneak in some time to watch.

So smuggle a tablet into the bathroom for a little GLOW during your morning routine, but be forewarned: distracted makeup application may result in a look as bold as one of the gorgeous ladies of the 80s. And if you find yourself overstaying your welcome in the grocery store parking lot watching The Walking Dead, don’t feel guilty. As long as the ice cream doesn’t melt, no one will know your little sneak-ret. Be the life of the party with all the pop culture knowledge you’ll accumulate sneaking—your friends will thank you for talking about something other than the kids. If anyone questions your motives, let them know that according to a recent Netflix survey moms are feeling less stressed and more refreshed and even 16% say it makes them feel like a better parent by sneaking “me-time.” And dads, don’t feel left out. We know you need a break to sneak too.

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