Menu Planning on Budget
Week of February 12, 2018.

Monday, February 12, 2018 AnnMarie Brown 0 Comments

I have been asked by a few people on instagram if I ever buy any meat. I actually do purchase meat but in December I found a great meat sale and stocked up with tons of meat and because of this I probably won't have to buy any meat until well into March unless I find a great meat sale before then. This leaves me with only have to purchase produce fresh and frozen, as well as other items to keep my pantry and kitchen stocked up.

On Valentine's Day I plan on making my husbands favourite meal Chicken Parmesan. We are not a family that usually goes out on Valentine's Day we like to celebrate at our house kind of low key will goodie bags for everyone that is home at the time. 
$75 for a family a week

Meals this week:

Chicken Parmesan, Rice, Broccoli & Carrots
Tacos, Mexican Rice
Pork Chops with Apples, Potato Wedges, Beans
Cabbage Roll Casserole
Instant Pot Mac & Cheese, Salad
Chicken and Gravy, Mashed Potatoes, Vegetable
Instant Pot Chili served in Bread Bowls


Our lunches usually consist of dinner leftovers. 
- Salad
- Soup
- Buttered Noodles


- Fresh Fruit (Oranges, Bananas & Apples)
- Bagels
- Toast
- Oatmeal


- Bran Muffins
- Oatmeal Cookies

$ 1.97     Potatoes 10lbs
  3.88      Pasta Sauce x4 @ 0.97
  0.99      Fettuccine Noodles
  2.47      Cream Cheese
  2.50      Orange Juice Pulp Free x2 @ 1.25
  4.97      Apples 4lbs
  0.97      Romaine Lettuce
  1.97      Cantaloupe
  2.97      Turkey Bacon
  2.97      Baby Bell
  2.28      Jello x4 @ 0.57
  3.94      Sugar x2 @ 1.97
  2.27      Ketchup
  2.58      Oatmeal
  3.96      Nutri Grain Bars x2 @ 1.98
  4.00      Bread x2 @ 2.00
  1.48      Blueberry Bagels
$46.17 - Total Spent


$28.83 - Total to Carry Forward
$48.75 - Total from week of February 5th

Total - $77.58 brought forward

Items on hand:

- Onions
- Potatoes
- Carrots
- Rice
- Chicken Breast
- Chicken Meatballs (Frozen)
- Ground Chicken
- Chicken Thighs
- Ground Turkey
- Chicken Legs
- Turkey x 2
- Pork Chops
- Pasta (Various)
- Bread
- Wraps
- Apples
- Oranges
- Cheese
- Quinoa

If you are looking for more menu inspiration be sure to check out Orgjunkie, she hosts a weekly menu plan Monday link up.   


Do you stock up on items you know you purchase all the time when they are on sale or do you just pick them up as you need them?