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Week of March 12, 2018.

Monday, March 12, 2018 AnnMarie Brown 0 Comments

After taking a few weeks off, it is time to get back to posting my weekly grocery shops. It is almost hard for me to believe but I am still using up my meat in the freezer. I am sure we an go almost another 2 months on the supply I have built up. Having said that I am not going to pass up any good sales on chicken while I am using up my stock. I don't believe in using all I have up and starting fresh. I feel the way I save money is that I continuing replenish my small stock of what we use so I never have to pay full price for any of it. 

There are staple items we us week after week so to use it all up without always looking for a sale doesn't make any sense to me. I always keep a running list of our staple items and review it weekly. This week brown sugar was on sale so I grabbed two bags of brown sugar to have one in my pantry and one in my container.   
$75 for a family a week

Meals this week:

Sheet Pan Greek Chicken & Potatoes
Pulled Chicken, Rice, Broccoli
Pork Souvlaki, Rice, Carrots
One Pot Pasta
Lemon Chicken & Fried Rice, Veggies
Cabbage Roll Casserole


Our lunches usually consist of dinner leftovers. 
- Salad
- Soup
- Egg Salad


- Fresh Fruit (Oranges, Strawberries & Apples)
- Toast
- Bagels
- Oatmeal


- Banana Bread
- Oatmeal Cookies with Butterscotch Chips

$ 2.45     Green Grapess
  1.92      Red Grapes
  1.78      Lettuce
  1.78      Onions 3lbs
  3.96      Brown Sugar 1.98 x2
  1,44      Dare Cookies
  5.00      Old Dutch Chips 2.50 x2
  4.98      Bread 2.49 x2
  4.27      Milk 4L
  2.50      Broccoli
  2.98      Cheese Buns
  6.99      Farm Boy Potato & Leek Soup
$40.05 - Total Spent


$34.96 - Total left from week of March 12th
$48.64 - Total left from week March 5th

Total - $83.59 brought forward

Items on hand:

- Onions
- Potatoes
- Carrots
- Rice
- Chicken Breast
- Chicken Meatballs (Frozen)
- Ground Chicken
- Chicken Thighs
- Ground Turkey
- Chicken Legs
- Whole Turkey x 1
- Pork Chops
- Pasta (Various)
- Bread
- Wraps
- Apples
- Grapes
- Oranges
- Cheese
- Quinoa

If you are looking for more menu inspiration be sure to check out Orgjunkie, she hosts a weekly menu plan Monday link up.   


Do you try to keep your staple items always on hand and stocked up?