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There are a few things that you can do to still save you $100 this year. 

1. Bake one batch of bread - I decided at the beginning of January to bake all our bread products. Not just to save money but I prefer to know what is in the bread I am eating. It is not a time-consuming process thanks to my kitchen aid mixer that makes it pretty painless too.

2. Pack lunches during the week - Even is you choose to pack lunch three times a week to bring to work you will save over $100 very quickly. My husband brings a packed lunch every day and I know for a fact over the years it has saved us a lot of money.

3. Make pizza from scratch - we got out of the habit of doing this for a while and every time we ordered a pizza we didn't care for it. It didn't matter where it came from we didn't like it. So I have decided yes it is a time saver to just pick up the phone and order a pizza but if you don't like it, is it really a saver a time. Besides this way, I save money as well. 

4. Purchase 10 articles of clothing from a thrift store - We get a lot of our clothing from thrift shops and very good sales meaning thrift store prices. I would say we purchase more than 10 items a year at our house. Be selective about what you purchase we have found some big-ticket items for really cheap at thrift stores. 

5. Save on parties - Whether you are celebrating a birthday, the Superbowl or Daytona 500 there are always ways to save on decorations, food, and gifts. 

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What are some ways you have saved $100 in a year?