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There is nothing better than waking up in the morning with no real plans for the day. It allows my family to think of a place to go and explore for the day. Day trips take very little planning because they do not require a lot of money but they do require a bit of packing so that you can enjoy the day to the fullest. 

If it was just my husband and I packing wouldn't be a huge deal but with children on board it means you do have to pack a few things for your own sanity. I like it when the whole family can enjoy the day trip. 

Some of the items we always pack for our day trips are the following - 

- Thermal Cooler bag - to put in all our items we like to keep cool like salads, cucumbers, cherries, grapes, etc. 
- Insulated Cups - we use Bubba's at our house because they keep your drinks cold for many hours while traveling we even have a very large one so we can refill our water while on the road. 
- Large Bag - Depending on the weather but I throw in some towels, a bag of chips or any other items we might need on our trip
- Plastic Dishes - we don't like to eat off of paper plates or dishes so I purchased a set of plastic dishes with cutlery to put in our bag to use on these trips. 
- Sunscreen - always a must to protect our skin from the elements. 
    We prefer day trips over long weekend trips because when it comes down to it we prefer to sleep in our own beds at night. Once we have decided where we are going for the day I make and pack up some food for us to eat while we are out. Not only does this cut down on the cost of the trip but it gives us a chance to find a different place to picnic and explore while we are out.

    We also like to play games while driving down the road our favourite is the alphabet license plate (really not the technical name but it is what we call it) as we drive down the road we start with the letter A and go through the alphabet to see how many time we can complete the whole alphabet. 

    Let's Chat!

    Do you go for day trips with your family? What do you pack with you when you go? Do you play car games on your way to your destination?

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