5 Budget Friendly Christmas Traditions

Friday, November 04, 2022 AnnMarie Brown 0 Comments

Dear Diary, 

I have always had the Christmas tradition of waiting until the first snowfall after October 31st to put up my Christmas Tree. Oh, I should add that the snow has to stay on the ground as well. I bet you can guess what I woke up to this morning. Our very first snowfall of the season. And to answer that question you might be having YES I will be putting away all my fall decor and be putting up at least one Christmas tree today. 

With the fresh snowfall and bringing out of the Christmas Tree, I tend to reflex on our past Christmas's when all the children were at home. My children can tell you how Christmas crazy I have been known to be over the years no matter our financial situation. I make the most out of every Christmas and 2020 will be no different. Thanks to COVID-19 I don't think our schedule will get any busier this year. Things will be different but it doesn't mean we have to step away from our family traditions it just means they will look a bit different this year. 

In my Christmas on a Shoestring I talked about creating or having traditions for your family to do. I am going to give you a news flash - they don't have to cost money. I like to keep our traditions simple and cost-effective which means traditions under $10. 

Traditions are only traditions if you do them year after year. That is what makes it a tradition after all. Our family went through a brief transition when 3 of my 4 children moved out of our home to pursue further education. This meant changing some of the traditions and also giving some up and making new ones. Here are some of the traditions we have kept over the years. 

Christmas Lights
Make some hot cocoa at home and plan a night to go for a ride to see the Christmas lights where you live. There are some spectacular displays out there to view with your family. Make some cookies the day before and hide them away to surprise the family with them on your drive. 

Christmas Movie
Pop some popcorn and plan to do a family movie night and watch your favourite Christmas movie. We like to watch National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation every Christmas eve.

Special Days
My family has a special day when we decorate our Christmas Tree and we always set aside days for baking. December 1st marks the first day that I play Christmas music in our house. I know the stores have them playing before then but for us, that is the day. 

Advent Calendar
This year I was lucky enough to find a tea advent calendar. I love to have tea every morning and I can't wait to start my tea advent calendar this year.  

There is nothing like a game night by the tree to help get into the Christmas spirit. Spending time with your family is a much better investment than any gift you can buy. 

I would love to know what are some of the traditions you do with your family. 

Until next time,