Planning my Week and Decorating for Christmas

Monday, November 09, 2020 AnnMarie Brown 0 Comments

 Dear Diary,

The hustle and bustle of Christmas the season is definitely upon us. I have been trying to get everything done so that on November 30th everything is done and I can sit back and enjoy December. I have always been Christmas crazy. Watching all movies related to Christmas on Netflix, Roku, Hallmark, Prime, and at the theatres too. I love to put my tree up in November and just sit by the tree every night and look at it. I really don't need to have anything under the tree for me because I just love to give gifts and see the look on their faces when they open them.

It is 2020 and this whole year has looked different so I thought I would change up some traditions that we do as a family this year so we can just sit back and enjoy each other. We haven't been able to see each other like we have wanted to due to all our community restrictions with Covid-19. I never would have imagined myself living through a pandemic. It has always been only something I have read about in history books. I have been journaling all through the pandemic which is not uncommon for me since I have always journaled throughout my life. I just feel like I should be documenting such a historic time in my life.

The tree is decorated and it looks beautiful with the lights on in the evening. This year I decided to put up two trees. One in the gathering room and one in my office. I want to bring as much joy as possible to my home and do what makes me happy. Oh my goodness look here I have just rambled about Christmas for three paragraphs. All when I am supposed to be planning my week. 

I am a planner by nature. I love to have my week planned out right down to my menu plan. I find having my menu planned out of the week helps me stay on budget. Staying on budget is really important to me and my bank account. 

Monday - Rotisserie Chicken, Rice, Corn

Tuesday - Chicken Pesto Shells (made with leftover Rotisserie Chicken)

Wednesday - Fried Chicken, Potato Wedges, Green Beans

Thursday - Pork Chops, Fried Onions, Rice

Friday - Pizza

Saturday - Fried Rice, Egg Rolls, Lemon Chicken 

Sunday - Goulash

This week I am planning around two different events. One is my dad's 75th birthday that we are celebrating on Sunday afternoon and Friday marks the 1st anniversary of the passing of my mother in law. Friday Rob (my husband, for those of your reading my blog for the first time) and I will be going to my fathers-in-law for a visit in the afternoon. Rob is blessed with a job that gives him Friday, Saturday, and Sunday off every week. Mind you he does work four - ten and a half hour days in order to get those days off every week.

It feels like I have rambled on long enough today. Off to crochet some stocking for Santa to fill on Christmas Eve. I just learned how to crochet in October and I have made 5 pairs of slippers and now I am planning on making 7 or 8 stockings. I will definitely show you once I finish one.

Until next time, 



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