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When I do something I am an all-in kind of girl or nothing. This can be a good thing when it comes to wanting to live on one income and raise 4 children. Frugal living is about being economical and resourceful with our resources. It definitely doesn't mean being cheap. As a matter of fact, I prefer to buy quality items that might cost a bit more upfront but it will last longer and wear longer because of quality. For me, it is about being intentional with the resources we have been given and not wasteful. 

There were years when living frugally was definitely not a necessity but something I strived to do so that we could enjoy a few things in life while living off one income and raising a family. I am not sure why most people don't start out trying to be as frugal as possible in life. It truly is one of the main things I hope my children have learned by my example over the years. I also understand that some people find it overwhelming to even start to change the way they have been living and others have never been given the tools to live frugally. 

I like to get the most out of my money all the time whether I am purchasing groceries, household goods, or even a car. I want to be a good steward of what has been given to me. 

Some of the frugal things I have done over the years is ... 

Cut my own hair and my families - This has been such a useful thing over the years and has also come in handy during the pandemic when all hair salons closed down for a period of time. I had everything on hand to cut hair and I was not afraid to cut it. 

Make my own bread - I love knowing the ingredients in my bread. I also the way it makes my house smell so good when it is baking. There is nothing better than fresh bread out of the oven still warm with butter on it. 

Buy clothing at thrift stores or on clearance - Clothing can be a huge expense and I like to make quality purchases but for a fraction of the price. People donate very good quality clothing that you can pick up cheap at the stores. 

Shop the Local Buy and Swaps - If there are larger items you need to purchase remember to keep your eye out on your local Facebook marketplace. I sometimes have a few things that I would like to have and I just keep my eye out on the marketplace for them. Also, be strict with yourself so you are not caught making purchases of things you don't really need. 

One in and one out rule - I try to go by the one eat and one out rule when it comes to purchasing items. All items including housewares, decor, and clothing. It helps my house from getting cluttered. 

Frugal living looks different to everyone. To me, it is really watching what I spend my money on groceries, clothing, or anything else. It is saying no to friends when they are going out to dinner because it is not in my budget. I know what I can afford and have no trouble at all saying no to things I can't afford. I am trying to live my life to the fullest while living on a small budget after all. 

What does frugal living look like to you?

Until next time,