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It's Just my Life is a place for those looking to live large on a small budget or even save some money here and there. If you love to save money, organize and eat like a queen or king then this is the spot for you. I offer my support and ideas to you as we embark this year on our debt free journey and mindful spending journey in 2016. 

We have been living a full life on one income for over 25 years now and I would love to share what has worked for my family over the years. No need for you to go through the bumps and bruises I had to endure over the years. I would also like to hear from you and what has worked for you over the years to stay on track with your budget. 

Follow me over on Twitter where I post daily tips on how I am saving money and trimming my budget. Be sure to let me know you came over from my blog. 

Who created It's Just My Life: 

I started It's Just My Life in 2000 as a place where I could share my love of frugal living. I wanted to inspire stay at home mom's that they to could contribute to their family income and budgeting by cutting costs and reducing the family budget - getting more for their dollar while living a full life. 

My passion for living large on a small budget has just ballooned over the years and I realized that budgeting also consisted of being organized, Doing things for myself (DIY) and cooking for my family to avoid eating out. 

In addition. to blogging here Monday to Friday, I also vlog on our youtube channel our daily life where can see how we live large on a small budget. 

It's Just my Life is available for:

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Email: itsjustmylifeca@gmail.com
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